Camps & Clinics:  Immerse yourself in your horsemanship for 1 to 6 whole days! Immersion is the BEST way to ACCELERATE your results! Email me today to find out how!

Private Lessons

Get one on one concentrated attention. 

Sidekick Training: ​This is an online course to support your horsemanship studies. Each course runs for four weeks and is delivered via a Facebook group. There are live sessions as well as information and inspiration posted daily.

How Can I Serve You?

Group or Semi Private Lessons: Share the learning experience with your study buddies. 

Regular: $150/ hour
Savvy Club: $100/ hour
Personal Progress Program (P3): Come have an immersive experience and study with me in central Iowa as I develop my horses. Design your own horsemanship experience and accelerate your results. Email me with dates you would like to book and we will make it happen!

Regular: $100/ hour
Savvy Club: $75/ hour


There are 2 levels of participation. The Foundation Package is for everyone and costs $25/ week. The Premium Package is only for Savvy Club members and costs $45/week.

Regular: $200/ day
Savvy Club: $150/day
Regular: $210/ day
Savvy Club: $170/ day or $85/ half day